Manta tow survey

Manta tow involves towing a snorkel diver behind a small boat along the upper reef slope to make direct observation on the distribution of corals in a broad scale. Although obtained data are qualitative, e.g. 5 coral cover categories presented in the table below, they can provide general description of coral communities and disturbances such as the occurrence of the Crown-of-Thorns Starfish and coral bleaching. The rapidness is also an advantage of Manta tow. We usually complete Manta tow within 2 hours to cover about 5 km reef slope habitats in the survey area.

Manta tow results
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Manta tow survey

Manta tow tracks and coral cover changes can be viewed on Google Earth
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Manta tow tracks and coral cover changes can be viewed also on Google Map

Manta tow procedure


Manta tow is carried out by a snorkel diver and an assistant on a boat. The snorkel diver holds on to a "manta board" attached to a small boat by an about 10-15 meter rope. While the boat runs along the upper reef slope (3-8m depth) at the speed of 6-8km/h, the diver makes a visual assessment of coral cover categories and other variables (see the table below). The diver records these data when the boat stops every 2 minutes, on a data sheet attached to the manta board. At the same time, the assistant records the position coordinates and time using a portable GPS. The GPS is set to record the boat track automatically.

Manta tow results

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